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Taxpayers lose big per annum, Chancellor strikes back

This week, it was revealed that taxpayers lose out on some £55 billion in tax avoidance, tax fraud, and simple error; the Chancellor wants that gap closed.

HMRC wins tax avoidance case against Eclipse 35

Accountants may not be too keen to get involved with football clubs these days. Glasgow Rangers have found themselves in all sorts of difficulties ever since it was discovered the club’s owner Craig Whyte had not been forwarding employees PAYE contributions to HMRC.

Is your tax planning strictly above board?

Is it possible to out-smart the taxman legally? According to a recent article in the press, yes it is.

Would a narrowly targeted GAAR encourage tax avoidance?

Accountants might be interested to learn that the Association of Revenue & Customs believes a General Anti-Abuse rule could encourage tax avoidance if it is narrowly targeted.

HMRC cracks down on tax evading overseas property owners

The government has launched a new drive to target wealthy tax cheats, including accountants, who own property overseas.

Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes facility is a success

Accountants might be interested in the latest data on HMRCs battle to rid the UK of tax avoidance schemes.

Why are accountants reluctant to use outsourcers?

Why do accountants appear to be reluctant to outsource work? After all, there are some great contractor accountants out there who would no doubt be happy to get some extra work.

Is HMRC confusing tax avoidance with tax evasion?

Tax avoidance has been headline news this year. Google has managed to avoid paying about £3.2 billion worth of taxes in the last five years and there was been public anger at revelations of disparities between the profits and tax paid by large corporations.

HMRC looking into inheritance tax valuations

HMRC is now carrying out more investigations into inheritance tax valuations which might lead people to seek the advice of an accountant experienced in inheritance tax planning.

Supreme Court rules in favour of HMRC in tax avoidance case

Accountants who try to exploit tax legislation might want to think again after the Supreme Court came down on the side of HMRC recently.