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HMRC loses patience with Portsmouth FC

Portsmouth Football Club has not been enjoying the best of fortunes over the last couple of years, as some accountants will no doubt be aware.

Spurs manager faces judge and jury in tax evasion case

Soccer mad accountants in London will no doubt be aware that the possible future England manager Harry Redknapp appeared in court last Monday on charges of tax evasion.

Taskforce unearths 85 London fast food outlets guilty of tax evasion

Accountants in London may be interested to learn the results of HMRC’s recent crackdown on tax evading fast food outlets in the Capital.

Accountant from Coventry gets involved in Corrie plot

Lovers of the soap Coronation Street may be interested to learn that an accountant from Coventry has been providing ITV with expert tax advice for one of its current story lines.

HMRC warns tutors and coaches of Tax Catch Up Plan deadline

Accountants could find themselves in demand after HMRC reminded private tutors and coaches that time is running out if they want to sign up for the Tax Catch Up Plan.

Could HMRC’s tough stance on tax evasion backfire?

HMRC’s policy of targeting specific groups would appear to be working, accountants may be interested to learn. In the year ending March 2010, the Revenue raked in £16.5 billion from its tax avoidance and evasion investigations. In 2004-05, the income from compliance investigations was a mere 6.9 billion and in 2008-09 the figure was 12.1 billion.

HMRC to target online traders suspected of tax evasion

Online accountants should be aware that HMRC will soon start targeting e-marketplaces as part of its bid to stamp out tax evasion.

Time for electricians to get their tax affairs in order

Accountants may want to warn their electrician clients that they will soon come under the spotlight in HMRC’s fight against tax evasion.

25 investigators join HMRC’s fight against tax evasion

Accountants will remember that way back in September, Danny Alexander, the chief secretary to the Treasury, announced that HMRC would be creating 100 new roles to crack down on tax evasion.

HMRC warns medics to come clean about tax evasion

Accountants may be interested to learn that HMRC is giving doctors and dentists one last chance to rectify their tax affairs or face a possible criminal investigation.