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Taxpayers lose big per annum, Chancellor strikes back

This week, it was revealed that taxpayers lose out on some £55 billion in tax avoidance, tax fraud, and simple error; the Chancellor wants that gap closed.

HMRC likes where things are headed but wants more

It’s never enough for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs when it comes to its campaign to snuff out tax avoidance, even in the face of successful feedback.

The tax avoidance double standard strikes again

Is it just me or is there a major double standard when it comes to being punished for tax avoidance in this country?

Accountants – and their clients – sought out

The accountancy sector is growing, whether it’s firms either looking for more clients or clients looking for more accountants!

Tax avoidance in spotlight once more, but not how you think

So here it is, plain as day: there’s way too much tax avoidance going on right now, but much of it is coming from within the Government if you can believe it!

Accountancy firms find themselves in hot water

It’s tough being an accountant these days in the UK – and it doesn’t help that accountancy firms seem to find themselves in serious hot water all too easily.

Will child benefit changes lead to more tax avoidance?

Accountants have said that the government’s proposed changes to child benefit regulations are seriously flawed and could turn out to be an operational disaster.

Panorama exposes tax avoidance scandal

A BBC Panorama program aired earlier this week has fuelled the tax haven debate again.

How many civil servants are involved in tax avoidance?

Has the government become embroiled in a major tax avoidance scandal?

HMRC wins tax avoidance case against Eclipse 35

Accountants may not be too keen to get involved with football clubs these days. Glasgow Rangers have found themselves in all sorts of difficulties ever since it was discovered the club’s owner Craig Whyte had not been forwarding employees PAYE contributions to HMRC.