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HMRC launches Business Tax Dashboard for accountants

Accountants may want to check out the HMRC website and look at the Business Tax Dashboard that was added during the Revenue’s Easter maintenance offline period.

Accounting should be accessible to all, not just the privileged few

Accounting should be a profession that is accessible to all, not just the privileged few, according to leading tax bodies recently.

Tax evading Scottish landlords come under the spotlight

Following the success of its earlier tax evasion taskforces into restaurants and scrap metal firms, HMRC has announced that a further 30 investigative teams will be formed in 2012/13.

HMRC set to appeal first tier tax tribunal decision

Tax accountants may be interested to learn that HMRC is planning to appeal against the decision of the first tier tax tribunal judge in its case against HOK.

Do accountants think the tax profession should be regulated?

Tax accountants may be interested to learn that the incoming president of the ATT has called for the tax profession to be regulated.

Investors in start-up companies to get 50% income tax relief

Accountants may be interested in the Chancellor’s decision to give tax breaks to start-up companies.

Will HMRC staff vote to take industrial action?

Accountants may be interested to know that HMRC staff may be set to take industrial action over plans to employ private sector contractors in its tax credits call centres.

Tax accountants can now check PAYE tax codes online

Tax accountants and advisers will be pleased to learn that they are now able to check some of their client’s tax codes online.

Is HMRC’s Single Compliance Process for SMEs realistic?

HMRC recently issued new guidelines for dealing with tax enquiries but tax accountants are urging the government department to rethink them before they are rolled out nationwide.

Tax accountants could be in for a busy time

Tax accountants could find themselves in demand following the news that HMRC is to up its attempts to close the tax gap.