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How many civil servants are involved in tax avoidance?

Has the government become embroiled in a major tax avoidance scandal?

Employers should be aware of PAYE late filing penalties

Employers who have still to submit their end-of-year payroll returns to HMRC will shortly receive a letter warning them of the penalties for late filing.

Will micro-businesses be able to cope with RTI?

The Low Income Tax Reform Group says that HMRC does not understand the way Real Time Information will impact small businesses in the UK.

Accountants should prepare for payroll year-end

Accountants will no doubt be aware that the current tax year ends on Thursday. They now need to cast their minds towards their client’s Employer Annual Payroll Returns.

Employers reluctant to award salary increases last year

Contractor accountants who did not enjoy a rate increase last year may take solace from the fact that a large majority of permanent employees either did not receive a pay rise or had their salary cut in 2011.

Is the UK tumbling head first back into recession?

Accountants in Manchester may be interested to learn that a lot of chief financial officers think the UK is going to sink back into recession this year.

HMRC to clamp down on unpaid internships

Accountants in London may be interested to learn that HMRC is planning to tackle companies that pay interns less than the national minimum wage.

Real-time PAYE payroll reporting will go ahead as planned

HMRC intends to stick to its timetable to introduce real-time PAYE reporting even though accountants, employers and payroll software providers have expressed concerns that the timetable is unachievable.

Will PAYE pooling create larger targets for HMRC?

Baker Tilly, the UK chartered accountants, has warned that HMRC’s proposal to allow employers to pool PAYE returns could create larger targets for the taxman.

Intuit releases new version of QuickBooks accounting software

Online accountants may be interested to learn that Intuit has launched the latest release of its popular QuickBooks software.