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Accountancy organisations have had it with the Government

It’s usually quite a big deal when a major trade industry body has a row with the Government over policy, but it’s even more serious when two of them do!

It’s full steam ahead for the Real Time Information scheme

HMRC has confirmed that is forging ahead with its Real Time Information pilot scheme.

Are SMES struggling to settle their liabilities with HMRC?

A recent survey has revealed that unpaid tax bills are one of the main reasons SMEs find themselves with cash flow difficulties.

HMRC launches Business Tax Dashboard for accountants

Accountants may want to check out the HMRC website and look at the Business Tax Dashboard that was added during the Revenue’s Easter maintenance offline period.

HMRC apologises to contact centre callers

The Revenue has issued an apology to callers who could not get an answer when they telephoned its contact centres following the Easter break.

Accountants should prepare for payroll year-end

Accountants will no doubt be aware that the current tax year ends on Thursday. They now need to cast their minds towards their client’s Employer Annual Payroll Returns.

Potential PAYE dodging employers to pay security deposit

Accountants may want to advise their clients to get their tax and National Insurance payments in order after the news that HMRC has been given new powers to crackdown on companies that do not pass on contributions to the Revenue.

ACCA urges HMRC to speed up issuance of penalty notices

Accountants in London will probably be relieved to hear that Chas Roy-Chowdhury has joined in the call for HMRC to speed up the issuance of penalty notices.

HMRC loses patience with Portsmouth FC

Portsmouth Football Club has not been enjoying the best of fortunes over the last couple of years, as some accountants will no doubt be aware.

HMRC set to appeal first tier tax tribunal decision

Tax accountants may be interested to learn that HMRC is planning to appeal against the decision of the first tier tax tribunal judge in its case against HOK.