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Should the government grant a general tax evasion amnesty?

A recent survey by Crowe Clark Whitehill has discovered that more than 75% of UK accountants favour the idea of a general amnesty for tax evaders.

Will production companies suffer from NIC burden

Some accountants are concerned that changes to the National Insurance contributions levied TV production companies could leave them facing a financial burden.

HMRC finally admits that a smartphone really is a mobile phone

More and more accountants are using smartphones and they will be pleased to learn that HMRC has finally decided to classify them as mobile phones, five years after they were first introduced to the market.

Spurs manager faces judge and jury in tax evasion case

Soccer mad accountants in London will no doubt be aware that the possible future England manager Harry Redknapp appeared in court last Monday on charges of tax evasion.

Businesses call for VAT increase to be reversed

At the beginning of January last year, the government increased the rate of VAT in the UK from 17.5% to 20%. Accountants may be interested to learn that business leaders are now calling for that increase to be reversed to help firms move forward this year.

Employers need clarity over NIC mileage payments

Accountants may be interested in the news that Grant Thornton has been granted permission to take their case surrounding Total People Ltd to the Court of Appeal.

Footballers perks to be investigated by HMRC

Accountants in London may be interested to learn that the taxman is investigating the secret perks football clubs provide their players and families.

Only 10,000 companies avail of National Insurance Holiday

The government has confirmed that the National Insurance Holiday scheme is still not being used by anywhere near as many businesses as it had hoped. This news could prompt accountants to extol the financial benefits of the Holiday to their clients.

Should we be allowed access to our income tax records?

Online accountants may be interested to learn that the government is considering allowing all taxpayers to access their tax records online.

HMRC PAYE returns show that 572 UK firms employ Mr or Mrs ‘X’

Small business owners may want to consider using the services of a qualified accountant after HMRC highlighted the fact that a lot of PAYE returns contain incorrect information.