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Is tax avoidance rife in the Civil Service?

Accountants in London can’t have failed to notice that there’s been a certain furore recently about tax avoidance in the Civil Service.

Income tax/NI merger unlikely to happen for several years

Although the government has started considering merging NI and Income Tax, it is unlikely that we will such a merger for many years.

Will limited company accountants be affected by the AWR

Any accountants operating out of their own limited company would be best advised to check whether their working practices fall within the scope of IR35.

Are limited companies in line for a Class 1A NIC refund?

CCH has suggested that business owners who buy holiday homes abroad through a limited company could be able to claim a refund of Class 1A National Insurance.

IT contractor defeats HMRC over IR35 legislation

Contractor accountants might be interested to read that Elaine Richardson, an IT contractor trading as ECR Consulting, was recently victorious in her IR35 case. The judges at the tribunal hearing ruled that it was clear her business was genuine and therefore did not fall under IR35 legislation.