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Accountants see big increase in demand for their services

Online accountants may be pleased to know that the UK is well on the road to recovery, if the latest Reed jobs index is to be believed.

Will production companies suffer from NIC burden

Some accountants are concerned that changes to the National Insurance contributions levied TV production companies could leave them facing a financial burden.

Only 10,000 companies avail of National Insurance Holiday

The government has confirmed that the National Insurance Holiday scheme is still not being used by anywhere near as many businesses as it had hoped. This news could prompt accountants to extol the financial benefits of the Holiday to their clients.

HMRC wants more firms to benefit from NIC holiday

Accountants may be interested to learn that HMRC is sending letters to new businesses to encourage them to take advantage of the Employers National Insurance holiday scheme.

Income tax/NI merger unlikely to happen for several years

Although the government has started considering merging NI and Income Tax, it is unlikely that we will such a merger for many years.

Are limited companies in line for a Class 1A NIC refund?

CCH has suggested that business owners who buy holiday homes abroad through a limited company could be able to claim a refund of Class 1A National Insurance.

Employers national insurance to stay as separate entity

In his Budget statement last month, George Osborne, said the government would hold a consultation into simplifying the income tax and National Insurance system with a view to merging the two together.