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Penalties for late filing self-assessment could add up to £1,600

The deadline for filing paper self-assessment income tax forms is the 31st of October and anyone who is unsure of how to complete their form may want to get visit a contractor accountant for help when they learn that the penalty for late filing could be as high as £1,600, even if no tax is due!

CIS penalty scheme changes next month

Accountants with clients in the construction industry may like to remind them that the penalty system is changing in October for contractors in the Construction Industry Scheme.

Accountants living in Scotland might pay more PAYE

The Scottish Parliament has the right to set a different rate of income tax to that charged by HMRC in England. But if you are a contractor accountant living in England and working in Scotland, which tax rate will you pay?

Treasury grossly overestimated NIC holiday take up rate

Contractor accountants may want to explain the National Insurance holiday scheme to their clients after the Treasury has admitted that it overestimated the amount of companies that would take advantage of it.