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Stress and happiness exist hand-in-hand in UK accountants?

Accountants are a highly complicated lot , as two conflicting research studies have revealed that they’re both the happiest and the most stressed right now.

Accountants in hot water here at home and across the pond

This week, the news is simply full of stories about British accountants finding themselves landing in hot water both here and in the US.

Are UK accountants under pressure to behave unethically?

A new study from the CIMA and the American Institute of CPAs suggests that finance professionals are being pressurized to act unethically.

Workfriend now helps accountants worldwide

Chartered accountants who read this site will be aware that the CABA recently launched Workfriend to support accountants who have recently lost their job and wanted to brush up on their job search skills.

Differing opinions over Ed Balls Budget demands

Accountants will no doubt be aware that Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, recently called on George Osborne to make tax cuts in the Budget next month.

Should budding accountants go to university?

A degree should not be a prerequisite for those wishing to become accountants, according to the ICAEW.

Internships could help budding accountants get ahead

Accountants might be interested to learn that graduate recruitment rates in the profession appear to have peaked after displaying significant growth over the last three years.

Accountants are plunging further into debt

According to the support group, the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association, accountants are racking up their debts despite the current economic situation.

Rural business communities worried about online VAT filing

Accountants with clients in rural areas might already have encountered some opposition to HMRC’s drive to persuade all businesses to file their tax returns online.

ICAEW accountants offer free advice to SMEs

Accountants in London might want to consider following the lead of their counterparts in South Yorkshire and offer free advice to small business owners.