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Accountants end up on both sides of the courtroom

This week it’s been abundantly clear that accountants are ending up not just on one side of the courtroom but the other as both plaintiffs and defendants.

Stress and happiness exist hand-in-hand in UK accountants?

Accountants are a highly complicated lot , as two conflicting research studies have revealed that they’re both the happiest and the most stressed right now.

Yet more fraud: when will these accountants ever learn?

Nowadays it seems you can’t go a week without hearing about how the reputation of yet another accountancy firm has gone up in smoke – or in one case up a nose!

FRC gets former Lloyds chair while US slaps down accountants

This week, the US has slapped down the Chinese units of 4 major accountants – while the UK gets a former banking exec as chair of the FRC.

Oh look, more accountancy firms landing in hot water!

This week marks just another one where industry watchdogs have been simply going wild by ripping apart the actions of accountancy firms for wrongdoing.

Even more accountants caught red-handed

As if the news from last week wasn’t bad enough, there seems to be a growing trend of accountants finding themselves in extremely hot water.

Too many accountants being caught in the act of fraud

All too many accountants are being caught in the act of misappropriating their clients’ funds with not one but two major high-profile cases in the news lately.

Regulation and reform – good or bad for the UK?

The accountancy sector has always been subject to rather tight regulatory practices – but now as the landscape evolves and changes, is it for good or for ill?

Accountancy firms behind the times in more ways than one

Well it’s finally come to light: accountancy firms in the UK are woefully behind the times in a number of ways, according to some recent news stories this week.

Two accountancy firms dragged over the coals by regulators

This week, not one but two major accountancy firms have been called on the carpet for their poor behaviour, and as far as I’m concerned it’s about damned time.