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Is the UK tumbling head first back into recession?

Accountants in Manchester may be interested to learn that a lot of chief financial officers think the UK is going to sink back into recession this year.

Online accountants should take advantage of the cloud

Last week, accountants Manchester were once again on volcanic ash alert, this time courtesy of the Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn.

Company liquidations decreased by 16% last year

Accountants Manchester will be interested to learn that UHY Hacker Young claims we have seen the worst of the recession and the number of companies going into liquidation is starting to decrease.

Firms may have to pay deposit to prevent defaulting on PAYE

HMRC is concerned that some employers are deducting PAYE and NIC from their employees but not forwarding the money on to the Revenue. In some cases, the employer will use the money to help his cash flow and in others, the firm goes bankrupt with massive debts and although HMRC is a preferential creditor, there is nothing in the pot to pay it with.