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Battle for London Mayor hots up on air!

Radio listeners, including accountants in London, were treated to an on-air argument last week when the current Mayor Boris Johnson and rival candidate Ken Livingstone clashed over tax.

Chelsea couple found guilty of Chanel VAT fraud

Further evidence that HMRC will not tolerate fraudsters came with the news that guilty verdicts were recently passed on a married couple that tried to steal £220,000 by using a VAT scam.

Do accountants in London want a tax avoider as the next Mayor?

Accountants in London may be interested to learn that Ken Livingstone, the Labour guy who plans to stand against Boris Johnson in the forthcoming election for Mayor of London, is going to be investigated by HMRC.

What, if anything, should replace the 50p income tax rate?

Accountants in London will remember that Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem party were all for keeping the 50p top income tax rate. Now it appears that they’ve had a change of heart and will support the removal of the rate, providing another tax on the wealthy is implemented to take its place.

How much did HMRC spend on its latest tax evasion case?

Despite reports to the contrary, HMRC claims it cost less than £300,000 to pursue Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric for suspected tax evasion.

Is tax avoidance rife in the Civil Service?

Accountants in London can’t have failed to notice that there’s been a certain furore recently about tax avoidance in the Civil Service.

ACCA urges HMRC to speed up issuance of penalty notices

Accountants in London will probably be relieved to hear that Chas Roy-Chowdhury has joined in the call for HMRC to speed up the issuance of penalty notices.

Overseas stars exempt from income tax for Glasgow 2014

Accountants in London are no doubt aware that overseas sports stars that take place in this year’s Olympic Games will not need to pay income tax.

Spurs manager faces judge and jury in tax evasion case

Soccer mad accountants in London will no doubt be aware that the possible future England manager Harry Redknapp appeared in court last Monday on charges of tax evasion.

Tax adviser guilty of conning charities and defrauding taxpayers

Accountants in London may like to learn that Blackfriars Crown Court recently found a professional tax adviser guilty of attempting to defraud taxpayers.