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Are UK accountants under pressure to behave unethically?

A new study from the CIMA and the American Institute of CPAs suggests that finance professionals are being pressurized to act unethically.

Will child benefit changes lead to more tax avoidance?

Accountants have said that the government’s proposed changes to child benefit regulations are seriously flawed and could turn out to be an operational disaster.

How can the government plug a £13 billion black hole?

Accountants and other drivers could soon find their motoring activities taxed in a different way if the government listens to proposals from the RAC.

Accountants angered by P35 reminder letters

Accountants have been voicing their displeasure after receiving letters from HMRC reminding them to file P35s for their clients even though this has already been done through the online system.

Accountants received salary increases of 10.3% last year

Research by Marks Sattin shows that, in the last 12 months, accountants have received salary increases in excess of seven times the national average.

Pasty tax protest descends on Downing Street

The government’s plans to introduce the ‘pasty tax’ continue to provoke anger in the bakery trade.

Jeweller’s VAT fraud results in a prison sentence

Accountants may want to be on the lookout for clients whose dealings appear to be suspect after an antique trader was found guilty of a VAT fraud.

HMRC wins tax avoidance case against Eclipse 35

Accountants may not be too keen to get involved with football clubs these days. Glasgow Rangers have found themselves in all sorts of difficulties ever since it was discovered the club’s owner Craig Whyte had not been forwarding employees PAYE contributions to HMRC.

HMRC launches Business Tax Dashboard for accountants

Accountants may want to check out the HMRC website and look at the Business Tax Dashboard that was added during the Revenue’s Easter maintenance offline period.

How can Rangers FC resolve its problems with HMRC?

As I’m sure most accountants will be aware, Glasgow Rangers football club has got itself in a spot of bother with HMRC.