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Accountancy organisations have had it with the Government

It’s usually quite a big deal when a major trade industry body has a row with the Government over policy, but it’s even more serious when two of them do!

Accountants end up on both sides of the courtroom

This week it’s been abundantly clear that accountants are ending up not just on one side of the courtroom but the other as both plaintiffs and defendants.

Accountants – and their clients – sought out

The accountancy sector is growing, whether it’s firms either looking for more clients or clients looking for more accountants!

Accountancy firms find themselves in hot water

It’s tough being an accountant these days in the UK – and it doesn’t help that accountancy firms seem to find themselves in serious hot water all too easily.

The next generation of accountants takes flight!

It’s good news for the accountancy sector, as more and more reports are rolling in about how the next generation of accountants are launching their careers.

Are SMES struggling to settle their liabilities with HMRC?

A recent survey has revealed that unpaid tax bills are one of the main reasons SMEs find themselves with cash flow difficulties.

Employers should be aware of PAYE late filing penalties

Employers who have still to submit their end-of-year payroll returns to HMRC will shortly receive a letter warning them of the penalties for late filing.

Accountant confirms legitimacy of Boris Johnson’s tax position

An accounting firm in London has become involved in the tax row between the two main candidates for the job of London mayor.

Are we going to see more accountants going freelance?

Recent research by Randstad suggests that the number of temporary contracts is on the increase as accountants look to take control of their careers in these turbulent economic times.

Accountants should break with tradition and update their methods

Accountants who have still to come to terms with modern day methods are letting their small business customers down, according to a recent poll.