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   1.  Accountancy organisations have had it with the Government
   2.  Fraud spreads through local and overseas accounting sectors
   3.  Chronic large business underpayment to be put to bed by HMRC
   4.  Accountants end up on both sides of the courtroom
   5.  Stress and happiness exist hand-in-hand in UK accountants?
   6.  Yet more fraud: when will these accountants ever learn?
   7.  FRC gets former Lloyds chair while US slaps down accountants
   8.  Oh look, more accountancy firms landing in hot water!
   9.  Accountants in hot water here at home and across the pond
   10.  Even more accountants caught red-handed
   11.  Too many accountants being caught in the act of fraud
   12.  Accusations of poor accounting practices fly
   13.  Distressing accounting reports at home and abroad
   14.  Taxpayers lose big per annum, Chancellor strikes back
   15.  HMRC likes where things are headed but wants more
   16.  Regulation and reform – good or bad for the UK?
   17.  Accountancy firms behind the times in more ways than one
   18.  Two accountancy firms dragged over the coals by regulators
   19.  Pensions accounting reform needed, reinforced by WHSmith
   20.  EU creeps closer to new accounting rules, UK stops blocking
   21.  HMRC ramps up investigations, flusters small business owners
   22.  Accounting reforms row mangles UK industry
   23.  Tax evasion crackdowns: they don’t work, but HMRC won’t stop
   24.  The tax avoidance double standard strikes again
   25.  Accountants – and their clients – sought out
   26.  Tax avoidance in spotlight once more, but not how you think
   27.  Accountancy firms find themselves in hot water
   28.  The next generation of accountants takes flight!
   29.  New Scottish ‘mansion tax’ under fire from financial experts
   30.  HMRC brings in more tax, but it could have done better
   31.  HMRC qualifies who is Scottish for income tax purposes
   32.  Tax rates are creeping up across the EU member states
   33.  13,769 takers for the NIC holiday; a far cry from the anticipated 400,000!
   34.  Are UK accountants under pressure to behave unethically?
   35.  Will child benefit changes lead to more tax avoidance?
   36.  UK CFOs more pessimistic than their global counterparts
   37.  How can the government plug a £13 billion black hole?
   38.  Accountants angered by P35 reminder letters
   39.  Hampshire plumber receives suspended sentence for tax evasion
   40.  Panorama exposes tax avoidance scandal
   41.  It’s full steam ahead for the Real Time Information scheme
   42.  HMRC to hold twitter Q&A for Internet traders tonight
   43.  Wealthy French could be set to relocate to the UK
   44.  Accountants received salary increases of 10.3% last year
   45.  How many civil servants are involved in tax avoidance?
   46.  Are SMES struggling to settle their liabilities with HMRC?
   47.  More than 4 million UK taxpayers now pay higher rate income tax
   48.  Employers should be aware of PAYE late filing penalties
   49.  Will micro-businesses be able to cope with RTI?
   50.  Pasty tax protest descends on Downing Street
   51.  Jeweller’s VAT fraud results in a prison sentence
   52.  HMRC wins tax avoidance case against Eclipse 35
   53.  HMRC launches Business Tax Dashboard for accountants
   54.  How can Rangers FC resolve its problems with HMRC?
   55.  HMRC apologises to contact centre callers
   56.  Accountants have new app to help with company car taxation
   57.  Accountants may like the new iXBRL accounting software from Sage
   58.  Should employer provided iPads be exempt from tax and NICs?
   59.  Is your tax planning strictly above board?
   60.  Accountants want to know how much tax our MPs pay
   61.  Would a narrowly targeted GAAR encourage tax avoidance?
   62.  Crunch launches free online accounting software
   63.  HMRC’s tax webinars are now available on-demand
   64.  Britain’s wealthiest are not paying enough income tax
   65.  Accountant confirms legitimacy of Boris Johnson’s tax position
   66.  Accountants see big increase in demand for their services
   67.  Say farewell to paper VAT returns
   68.  Battle for London Mayor hots up on air!
   69.  Compliance to become focus at HMRC
   70.  Chelsea couple found guilty of Chanel VAT fraud
   71.  Cash accounting for small businesses moves step closer
   72.  HMRC’s tax evasion taskforce makes two arrests in Glasgow
   73.  Plumber gets 12-month jail sentence for tax evasion
   74.  Accountants should prepare for payroll year-end
   75.  Chancellor closes VAT anomaly loopholes
   76.  Are we going to see more accountants going freelance?
   77.  Workfriend now helps accountants worldwide
   78.  HMRC to hold tax evasion Q&A session on Twitter
   79.  Channel Islands tax avoidance loophole will close on April 1st
   80.  CIOT calls for general disclosure facility for tax evaders
   81.  14 arrested as HMRC swoop on fraudsters
   82.  Cyber crime team to fight criminals who attack HMRC
   83.  Do accountants in London want a tax avoider as the next Mayor?
   84.  Accountants have the Budget firmly on their minds
   85.  Implementing iXBRL caused disruption for many accountants
   86.  What, if anything, should replace the 50p income tax rate?
   87.  Should the government grant a general tax evasion amnesty?
   88.  Accounting should be accessible to all, not just the privileged few
   89.  Accountants should break with tradition and update their methods
   90.  HMRC just misses its tax evasion targets
   91.  HMRC slips up again and sends incorrect penalty notices!
   92.  Former accountant must pay back more than £2 million to HMRC
   93.  Tax evading Scottish landlords come under the spotlight
   94.  Will production companies suffer from NIC burden
   95.  HMRC tax investigators share £1.4 million bonus pot
   96.  Online accountants may find big demand for their services
   97.  Should VAT repayments attract simple or compound interest?
   98.  HMRC finally admits that a smartphone really is a mobile phone
   99.  Differing opinions over Ed Balls Budget demands
   100.  Late filing penalty notices are on the way to 850,000 taxpayers
   101.  What would accountants like to see in the Budget?
   102.  Can PwC’s shadowing scheme attract more female accountants?
   103.  Electricians have until 15th May to own up to tax evasion
   104.  Potential PAYE dodging employers to pay security deposit
   105.  Should budding accountants go to university?
   106.  How much did HMRC spend on its latest tax evasion case?
   107.  HMRC runs webinars to provide help for small businesses
   108.  Builders and doorstep traders should own up to tax evasion
   109.  HMRC forces Glasgow Rangers into administration
   110.  Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility will now run until 2016
   111.  HMRC backtracks on plan to abolish P45s
   112.  HMRC puts business records checks on hold
   113.  Is tax avoidance rife in the Civil Service?
   114.  Accountants are crying out for iPad apps
   115.  ACCA urges HMRC to speed up issuance of penalty notices
   116.  Do accountants provide HMRC with incorrect data?
   117.  Electricians warned to get their tax affairs in order
   118.  Overseas stars exempt from income tax for Glasgow 2014
   119.  HMRC loses patience with Portsmouth FC
   120.  HMRC says nearly 400,000 people filed online on January 30th
   121.  Afghanistan based soldiers exempt from late filing penalties
   122.  Will final day for self-assessment filing see chaos reign at HMRC?
   123.  Spurs manager faces judge and jury in tax evasion case
   124.  HMRC strike is “reasonable excuse” for late filing
   125.  Accountants expect salary and bonus increases this year
   126.  Internships could help budding accountants get ahead
   127.  Tax adviser guilty of conning charities and defrauding taxpayers
   128.  Were accountants hit by HMRC lightning strikes?
   129.  Businesses call for VAT increase to be reversed
   130.  Accountants are plunging further into debt
   131.  HMRC offers help to those needing to file VAT returns online
   132.  Accountant jailed for 16 months after stealing from employer
   133.  50p income tax rate to stay for the next few years
   134.  Taskforce unearths 85 London fast food outlets guilty of tax evasion
   135.  Employers need clarity over NIC mileage payments
   136.  PwC flooded with applications from budding accountants
   137.  HMRC set to appeal first tier tax tribunal decision
   138.  Rural business communities worried about online VAT filing
   139.  Employers reluctant to award salary increases last year
   140.  Is the UK tumbling head first back into recession?
   141.  Footballers perks to be investigated by HMRC
   142.  25,633 VAT penalties deemed unjust in 2011
   143.  Accountants may want to offer advice to struggling SMEs
   144.  Channel Islands challenge Osborne’s LVCR VAT decision
   145.  Only 10,000 companies avail of National Insurance Holiday
   146.  Accounting software could help firms pay their taxes
   147.  Online accountants should make New Year resolutions
   148.  Treasury rakes in £63 billion from financial services industry
   149.  Late payment is no longer acceptable to contractor accountants
   150.  Do accountants think the tax profession should be regulated?
   151.  Hosted Accountants launches virtual hosted desktops
   152.  A few interview tips for job hunting accountants
   153.  Accountants using MYOB software get temporary reprieve
   154.  Will HMRC refund tax overpayments within 30 days?
   155.  ICAEW accountants offer free advice to SMEs
   156.  Accountant from Coventry gets involved in Corrie plot
   157.  HMRC warns tutors and coaches of Tax Catch Up Plan deadline
   158.  HMRC to clamp down on unpaid internships
   159.  Could HMRC’s tough stance on tax evasion backfire?
   160.  Together for Short Lives gets VAT bonus from government
   161.  HMRC to target online traders suspected of tax evasion
   162.  Should HMRC review income tax on overseas sports stars?
   163.  Are more chartered accountants opting for self-employment?
   164.  Accountants should prepare to file their VAT returns online
   165.  Accountants in London help police beat fraud
   166.  Time for electricians to get their tax affairs in order
   167.  Time is running out to register under the VAT Initiative
   168.  Did accountants suffer because of Wednesday’s strike?
   169.  Investors in start-up companies to get 50% income tax relief
   170.  25 investigators join HMRC’s fight against tax evasion
   171.  Will more accountants face a higher income tax bill?
   172.  iXBRL filing might add hours to the workload of accountants
   173.  HMRC to alter policy on penalty notices
   174.  HMRC warns medics to come clean about tax evasion
   175.  Gaming firms could be in for bumper VAT refunds
   176.  Should we be allowed access to our income tax records?
   177.  Real-time PAYE payroll reporting will go ahead as planned
   178.  Finance departments increase usage of senior-level interims
   179.  Government extends tax breaks for British film industry
   180.  Low Value Consignment VAT Relief to disappear next year
   181.  Will HMRC staff vote to take industrial action?
   182.  New tax evasion taskforce targets Scottish scrap metal industry
   183.  Should accountants in London prepare for another recession?
   184.  An accountant’s life appears to be increasingly stressful
   185.  Male and female accountants view the economy differently
   186.  Cash accounting for small firms is a no-go, says Xero
   187.  Increasing number of graduates want to become accountants
   188.  HMRC cracks down on tax evading overseas property owners
   189.  Will PAYE pooling create larger targets for HMRC?
   190.  Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes facility is a success
   191.  Cable penalised for failing to register and pay VAT
   192.  Companies House confirms receipt of first iXBRL accounts
   193.  Tax accountant claims that footballers are not tax evaders
   194.  Tax accountants can now check PAYE tax codes online
   195.  Is HMRC’s Single Compliance Process for SMEs realistic?
   196.  Intuit releases new version of QuickBooks accounting software
   197.  HMRC has been issuing inaccurate late filing P35 penalties
   198.  HMRC PAYE returns show that 572 UK firms employ Mr or Mrs ‘X’
   199.  Family staffed firms warned about scholarship expenses scheme
   200.  HMRC sets up new unit to tackle tax evasion

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