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HMRC ramps up investigations, flusters small business owners

It seems the taxman can’t seem to get much right nowadays, whether it be hunting down tax evasion or making it easier for smaller businesses to file taxes.

Accounting reforms row mangles UK industry

There seems to be no end to the row caused between the Government and accounting reforms, heedless of the injury it’s causing the industry at large.

Tax evasion crackdowns: they don’t work, but HMRC won’t stop

I’m not here to say that tax evasion isn’t a problem in the UK right now, but HMRC is going the wrong way about it – and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

The tax avoidance double standard strikes again

Is it just me or is there a major double standard when it comes to being punished for tax avoidance in this country?

Accountants – and their clients – sought out

The accountancy sector is growing, whether it’s firms either looking for more clients or clients looking for more accountants!

Tax avoidance in spotlight once more, but not how you think

So here it is, plain as day: there’s way too much tax avoidance going on right now, but much of it is coming from within the Government if you can believe it!

Accountancy firms find themselves in hot water

It’s tough being an accountant these days in the UK – and it doesn’t help that accountancy firms seem to find themselves in serious hot water all too easily.

The next generation of accountants takes flight!

It’s good news for the accountancy sector, as more and more reports are rolling in about how the next generation of accountants are launching their careers.

New Scottish ‘mansion tax’ under fire from financial experts

While Scotland’s finance secretary says that anyone purchasing a property in the country that costs less than £325,000 will benefit from a new tax scheme, the new so-called ‘mansion tax’ has been criticised by financial experts for raising the price on the most expensive properties in Scotland, it was recently reported.

HMRC brings in more tax, but it could have done better

HMRC has increased the amount of tax revenue it collects considerably over the last five years, but it could have brought in even more if it hadn’t reduced the number of people working in its compliance and enforcement teams.