16% of SMEs do not know how to obtain tax advice

10% of SME owners admit to missing tax deadlines and making late VAT payments and nearly 20% have lost out on tax breaks and grants, according to a survey by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks. 16% of the respondents said they were not sure how to get advice on regulation and 15% struggle to understand new rules.

HMRC announces new real-time information timetable

At the end of last week, HMRC finally published information to help accounting software suppliers to start building payroll technology. At the same time, it announced that companies will not be forced to file PAYE using new online technology.

Accounting software for those who know zilch about accountancy

A lot of freelancers and small business owners know nothing at all about accountancy. This of course is good news for accountants.

HMRC tops the poll as the UK’s most inaccurate biller

One of the polls no organisation wants to win is that of sending out inaccurate bills. Guess who topped the most recent survey? Not the energy suppliers who have been voted the worst billers in recent years, no, the accolade this time round goes to our very own HMRC.

New real time information implementation date is still too soon

HMRC has had a rethink on the timeline for the compulsory implementation of real time information. Pilot schemes are still due to commence next April but employers will now have until October 2013 to implement the system.

Why do SMEs shy away from accounting software?

A lot of small businesses are still failing to reap the benefits of accounting software, according to one accountancy expert.

Sage revamps its Instant Accounts accounting software

For a long time Sage has been the leading manufacturers of accounting software for medium sized businesses in the UK.