Accusations of poor accounting practices fly

This week there’s been a raft of rows over accounting practices as not one but two companies stand accused of playing fast and loose with the rules.

Distressing accounting reports at home and abroad

Sometimes there’s simply no good news to report, and this is exactly what’s going on this week as reports roll in at home and abroad predicting stormy weather.

Taxpayers lose big per annum, Chancellor strikes back

This week, it was revealed that taxpayers lose out on some £55 billion in tax avoidance, tax fraud, and simple error; the Chancellor wants that gap closed.

HMRC likes where things are headed but wants more

It’s never enough for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs when it comes to its campaign to snuff out tax avoidance, even in the face of successful feedback.

Accountancy firms behind the times in more ways than one

Well it’s finally come to light: accountancy firms in the UK are woefully behind the times in a number of ways, according to some recent news stories this week.

Pensions accounting reform needed, reinforced by WHSmith

This week, outrage over WHSmith’s mishandling of its pensions liabilities has led to a new call for pensions accounting reform across the industry.

EU creeps closer to new accounting rules, UK stops blocking

The UK has been dragging its feet on new EU accounting rules, but now the playing field seems to have changed dramatically over the course of the last week.

HMRC ramps up investigations, flusters small business owners

It seems the taxman can’t seem to get much right nowadays, whether it be hunting down tax evasion or making it easier for smaller businesses to file taxes.

Tax evasion crackdowns: they don’t work, but HMRC won’t stop

I’m not here to say that tax evasion isn’t a problem in the UK right now, but HMRC is going the wrong way about it – and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

The tax avoidance double standard strikes again

Is it just me or is there a major double standard when it comes to being punished for tax avoidance in this country?