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HMRC qualifies who is Scottish for income tax purposes

HMRC has now published a technical note detailing the way it will deal with Income Tax in Scotland after the Scotland Bill received Royal Assent earlier this year.

13,769 takers for the NIC holiday; a far cry from the anticipated 400,000!

Small businesses are still turning their backs on the government’s National Insurance Holiday scheme, according to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph.

Will child benefit changes lead to more tax avoidance?

Accountants have said that the government’s proposed changes to child benefit regulations are seriously flawed and could turn out to be an operational disaster.

How can the government plug a £13 billion black hole?

Accountants and other drivers could soon find their motoring activities taxed in a different way if the government listens to proposals from the RAC.

Hampshire plumber receives suspended sentence for tax evasion

A plumber from Hampshire was recently given a four-month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months, after Southampton Crown Court found him guilty of tax evasion.

It’s full steam ahead for the Real Time Information scheme

HMRC has confirmed that is forging ahead with its Real Time Information pilot scheme.

Wealthy French could be set to relocate to the UK

If you thought the top income tax rate in the UK was high, spare a thought for the high earners in France who could shortly be facing a whopping 75% tax bill.

How many civil servants are involved in tax avoidance?

Has the government become embroiled in a major tax avoidance scandal?

More than 4 million UK taxpayers now pay higher rate income tax

If you think your income tax bill has gone up recently, you’re not alone! According to the latest forecast from HMRC, 4.1 million UK taxpayers are now paying income tax at the higher rate.

Will micro-businesses be able to cope with RTI?

The Low Income Tax Reform Group says that HMRC does not understand the way Real Time Information will impact small businesses in the UK.