Too many accountants being caught in the act of fraud

Industry news roundup: week ended 26 Dec 2013:

All too many accountants are being caught in the act of misappropriating their clients’ funds with not one but two major high-profile cases in the news lately.

By and large most of the accountancy experts in the UK are good, reputable people that would never dream of defrauding their clients, but it seems this week the news is filled with nothing but bad apples ruining the whole bunch. First up is the story of one chartered accountant from Northern Ireland that made off with £50,000 – and the worst part is that she did it so she could sink the cash into her online bingo playing addiction!


34 year old Lisa Carville got slapped with a six month prison sentence after she came clean on the one forgery charge and the 18 fraud charges that she accrued just so she could keep playing online bingo. She took over 50 cheques from her accountancy firm’s clients and cashed them to further her inexorable slide into bingo madness.

If you ask me, this is absolutely bloody mortifying. Not only is she an embarrassment to the entire accounting community, but she’s in some serious trouble with this gambling addiction of hers. I can only hope she gets the help she needs so she stops ruining her life and the lives of others around her!

Speaking of ruining lives, things could have been much worse – hundreds of thousands of pounds worse. Kind of like the £1.5 million in fraud that Adam Woricker is accused of – this fine upstanding citizen has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme that drained the life savings from many a high-profile client, including best selling author Hanif Kureishi CBE.

All told, Woricker stands accused of 29 charges of fraud over a jaw-dropping ten year period. Woricker was dragged into Chelmsford Crown Court this week where he stood up and brazenly announced his plea of not guilty to each and every single charge. That’s right – this one’s going to court, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got our own personal Bernie Madoff here in the UK if the charges hold up in court.

I do wonder though – what sort of gambling addiction does Woricker have? Or is he just an unmitigated greedy bastard that needs to be held accountable for his actions? Only time will tell.

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