Accountancy firms behind the times in more ways than one

Industry news roundup: week ended 21 Nov 2013:

Well it’s finally come to light: accountancy firms in the UK are woefully behind the times in a number of ways, according to some recent news stories this week.

First up, it looks like accounting companies are stuck in the last century when it comes to their use of social media. A new research study found that barely one out of every three major accounting firms actually used a business-centric social media outlet like LinkedIn on a regluar basis- and the Facebook and Twitter usage rates were only 6 per cent and 9 per cent respectively!

This is an absolutely embarrassing figure. Don’t these firms know the importance of social media marketing? Without a carefully curated online presence they could be losing out on many opportunities to grow their brand and manage their public image. Well, what can you do besides point your finger and laugh?

Of course there are more serious problems than whether or not a given accountancy firm sends regular tweets or not. In fact, another recent investigation discovered that the financial gap between female accountants and their male counterparts is growing rapidly. Talk about being stuck in the last century!

For the first decade of a female accountant’s career, there’s a growing pay gap of something like £1,000 every year. A few years of that and you’re experiencing a serious difference, despite the fact that the work that female accountants is virtually indistinguishable from male ones.

It’s bloody embarrassing is what it is. What’s going on here that we’re not offering these women equal pay for equal work? Is Queen Victoria still on the throne? I swear it’s like being trapped within the pages of a Jane Austen novel – and not one of the good ones, either. We’re talking Northanger Abbey levels of bad, and that’s really, really bad.

Can we please drag the accountancy sector into the 21st century already? Who cares if they’re just kicking and screaming the whole way – it’s about bloody time that we tear down the gaslight fixtures and put some of those newfangled LED bulbs in their place. I swear, it makes you embarrassed to be British sometimes.

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