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Archive | November, 2013

Regulation and reform – good or bad for the UK?

The accountancy sector has always been subject to rather tight regulatory practices – but now as the landscape evolves and changes, is it for good or for ill?

Accountancy firms behind the times in more ways than one

Well it’s finally come to light: accountancy firms in the UK are woefully behind the times in a number of ways, according to some recent news stories this week.

Two accountancy firms dragged over the coals by regulators

This week, not one but two major accountancy firms have been called on the carpet for their poor behaviour, and as far as I’m concerned it’s about damned time.

Pensions accounting reform needed, reinforced by WHSmith

This week, outrage over WHSmith’s mishandling of its pensions liabilities has led to a new call for pensions accounting reform across the industry.