Accountants – and their clients – sought out

Industry news roundup: week ended 26 Sept 2013:

The accountancy sector is growing, whether it’s firms either looking for more clients or clients looking for more accountants!

First up in accountancy news this week, Edinburgh has been chosen as the site of the next stop on an ‘advice roadshow’ that’s been roaming the UK in a search for new clients. A major accounting firm is behind the event, which is focused on bringing start-ups, sole traders, freelancers, contractors, and small business owners into contact with financial planning experts for free.

This isn’t the first stop for the roadshow, either – it’s hit Reading, Manchester and even London in months past, and each has apparently been successful enough to spawn yet another iteration down the line. The event, which is slated for late October, could be just what the doctor ordered for firms looking for some help balancing its books or aid in determining their tax liabilities.

I really can’t take issue with this scheme; I mean yes it’s designed to entice people to take up accountancy services from any of the firms that show up to the event, but free advice is always nice. Then again, you get what you pay for as the old saying goes, so I suppose we’ll see shall we?

It’s not just Edinburgh accountants that are getting a possible boost soon, though. In fact this week HMRC announced it will be taking on a minimum of 120 graduates as tax trainees.

The new programme will see the trainees develop four years worth of skills in working for the taxman across more or less everything HMRC is known to investigate and administrate such as tax fraud investigations, rooting out tax evasion, and combing through the books of large firms to look for inconsistencies.

This isn’t the first year the tax authority has tried this. In fact, there were some 200 trainees taken on last year – and it must have been a very difficult choice, considering there were almost 16,000 applicants for those few positions!

I suppose it could be worse than to get a job working for HMRC. I mean I suppose you’ve got job security, right? Or at least you will as long as clueless Brits keep bollixing their self-assessment forms every year – and heaven knows that’s not going to end any time soon!

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