The next generation of accountants takes flight!

Industry news roundup: week ended 5 Sept 2013:

It’s good news for the accountancy sector, as more and more reports are rolling in about how the next generation of accountants are launching their careers.

Here’s a nice bit of good news for a change: it turns out that accountancy firms have almost doubled their apprenticeships over the last five years. In fact, official figures show that there are now 7,000 more apprentice accountants than their were half a decade ago.

The industry trade body dealing with skill improvement in the legal and finance sectors, the Financial Skills Partnership, released the new figures this week, revealing that there were only 3,710 apprentices working in the accountancy sector in 2007. Today that figure stands at 7,000, which if you ask me is absolutely brilliant.

It’s important, especially in the current economy, to do what we can to help younger Brits find satisfying and well-paying work. For what it’s worth, you may not think that a career as an accountant is particularly glamourous but it’s a wonderful opportunity for anyone willing to work hard, as it doesn’t matter what state the economy is in; firms are always going to need skilled and qualified accountants to manage their finances, whether it be payroll or their tax payments.

But there’s more good news this week when it comes to younger Brits joining the ranks of the accountancy profession: a young pupil from Morley has been awarded one of 15 highly coveted scholarships to Kaplan Financial to study accountancy. 18 year old Molly Kellett was selected from a field of more than 300 applicants for a free course of study to not just complete her Association of Accounting Technicians qualification but to also continue on to achieve an ultimate goal of becoming a qualified accountant. The whole scholarship for each of the 15 winners is valued as high as £15,000.

It absolutely warms the cockles of my heart that a young Brit with a passion for maths and problem solving has achieved such a prestigious honour. I can only applaud young Molly and wish her nothing but the best of luck as she hopefully continues on her path – the teenager has aspirations of becoming a freelance accountant someday in the future, and if this early level of success is any indication I feel like she can achieve this goal if she keeps up the same dedication to her studies.

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