It’s full steam ahead for the Real Time Information scheme

HMRC has confirmed that is forging ahead with its Real Time Information pilot scheme.

The RTI pilot scheme launched last month. Just 10 volunteer employers signed up for the initial pilot that began on the 11th of April, but between them they have submitted more than 100,000 employee records.

A further 310 employer schemes are now set to join the pilot between the 8th of May and the 30th of June.

Real Time Information has been designed to make administering PAYE easier for employers, HMRC and pension providers. Employers and pension providers inform the Revenue about PAYE payments when they are made instead of the current system of reporting them all together at year-end.

The acting director general for personal tax at the Revenue, Stephen Banyard, explained that its still early days for RTI but early indications are good. The project is on track and all the expected submissions have been successfully processed.

The pilot scheme was set up to identify any problems with the implementation of RTI and so far, the few that have been identified have been resolved quickly.

He went on to explain that HMRC is working closely alongside the pilot employers. The feedback received has enabled the Revenue to improve its guidance for employers and accounting software vendors.

The Revenue has also released two free webinars. The first is a 15-minute overview of the RTI timetable along with details of the help and support available to employers.

The second webinar lasts for 11 minutes and looks at the problems that can occur if inaccurate employee information is submitted. It also includes tips on how to ensure employee data is accurate.

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