Accountants have new app to help with company car taxation

Accountants who have a company car, or run company vehicle schemes, may be interested to learn that Hardman’s has introduced a new app to help them calculate the tax on these benefits.

Appropriately named Company Cars is quick to use and enables online accountants to check whether they are paying the correct amount of tax. And better still, the app is free!

It takes into consideration fuel type and emissions as well as the car’s list price and then works out how much income tax is payable. Company Cars caters for Hybrid, Electric, E85 and Bi-Fuelled vehicles as well as the more traditional petrol and diesel versions and it will calculate tax liabilities from 2004-05 onwards.

On the downside it is only available to people with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch that have an operating system of iOS 3.2 or greater. Technical support is available from the Apple iPhone support desk or Wolters Klumer, the creators of the app.

Taxation on company cars is complicated and can prove to be something of a nightmare for employers to work out themselves so it’s good to see this sort of app coming into the free public domain. Hopefully other manufacturers will follow the lead of Wolters Klumer and devise apps for people who use non-Apple devices before much longer.

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