Crunch launches free online accounting software

Accountants will be fully aware that HMRC is keen to instil the book keeping habit into all business owners, including self employed freelancers. But a lot of the less mathematically inclined freelancers appear to be terrified by the very thought of a bit of bookkeeping.

We hear a lot about online accounting software, or cloud accounting as it has come to be known. What could be simpler? There’s no software to install, you just enter your income and expenditure into an online package and Bob’s your uncle. So if it’s that easy, why isn’t everybody doing it? Could it be the price?

One innovative company has decided to address exactly that concern. Crunch has now launched a totally free version of its accounting software. It’s called Solo (free) and it’s a frills free version of the company’s existing package. Solo (free) is ideal for people who want to get the feel of online accounting without shelling out for a monthly subscription.

Crunch now has a suite of products to suit the small business market. In addition to Solo (free), the company offers a subscription version of Solo at £9.50 a month. This version has full reporting features as well as bank feeds and an app for scanning receipts.

The company’s flagship service, Complete, is also available on subscription at a cost of £59.50 a month and users benefit from a personal accountant who will answer their accounting and tax queries. And Complete handles your HMRC returns for you!

The final member of the suite is another new offering called Max. This package is for larger firms with up to four directors. It’s payroll facility copes with up to 10 employees and users will receive a twice yearly financial health check.

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