Accountants see big increase in demand for their services

Online accountants may be pleased to know that the UK is well on the road to recovery, if the latest Reed jobs index is to be believed.

The first quarter of this year saw a year-on-year increase of 9% in the number of job vacancies. This also represents a 6% rise on the last quarter of 2011.

Reed has been tracking vacancies and the salaries offered since December 2009 when the index started with a baseline figure of 100. Last month, the index reached 142.

As part as accountants are concerned, their sector registered an index reading of 163 in March, up from 158 the previous month, and is now outperforming a lot of other sectors when it comes to job opportunities. At the same time, vacancies in engineering reached their highest index level at 230.

The East midlands led the way when it came to year-on-year growth, but employer demand was down in both Northern Ireland and Scotland when taken on a month-on-month basis.

The MD of, Martin Warnes, said this is a big improvement on the corresponding figures this time last year and suggests that there is growing confidence in the economy. However, there are still a lot of people struggling to find work and small businesses still find it overly expensive to take on new recruits. Policy makers still have to address the high costs associated with recruitment, such as employers national insurance contributions, if a job-led recovery is to be sustained.

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