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Archive | April, 2012

How can Rangers FC resolve its problems with HMRC?

As I’m sure most accountants will be aware, Glasgow Rangers football club has got itself in a spot of bother with HMRC.

HMRC apologises to contact centre callers

The Revenue has issued an apology to callers who could not get an answer when they telephoned its contact centres following the Easter break.

Accountants have new app to help with company car taxation

Accountants who have a company car, or run company vehicle schemes, may be interested to learn that Hardman has introduced a new app to help them calculate the tax on these benefits.

Accountants may like the new iXBRL accounting software from Sage

Online accountants may be pleased to learn that accounting software giant Sage is sending a new version of its iXBRL tax technology to its customers.

Should employer provided iPads be exempt from tax and NICs?

Accountants are calling on HMRC to look again at the tax guidance on gadgets provided by employers, after it announced that smartphones would be exempt from tax and NICs.

Is your tax planning strictly above board?

Is it possible to out-smart the taxman legally? According to a recent article in the press, yes it is.

Accountants want to know how much tax our MPs pay

Accountants are among those who are calling for politicians to be more transparent about their personal taxation.

Would a narrowly targeted GAAR encourage tax avoidance?

Accountants might be interested to learn that the Association of Revenue & Customs believes a General Anti-Abuse rule could encourage tax avoidance if it is narrowly targeted.

Crunch launches free online accounting software

Accountants will be fully aware that HMRC is keen to instil the book keeping habit into all business owners, including self employed freelancers. But a lot of the less mathematically inclined freelancers appear to be terrified by the very thought of a bit of bookkeeping.

HMRC’s tax webinars are now available on-demand

Accountants may be interested to learn that some of HMRC’s webinars can now be accessed on demand.