Are we going to see more accountants going freelance?

Recent research by Randstad suggests that the number of temporary contracts is on the increase as accountants look to take control of their careers in these turbulent economic times.

According to the study, 63% of the temps surveyed had made the active decision not to look for permanent employment. At the same time, just under 50% of permanent employees would consider doing temporary work next time they look for a new opportunity.

42% of those with a permanent accounting role said they would consider becoming a freelance accountant next time they change jobs. Only 28% considered it last time they were job seeking.

Tom Forrrest, one of the directors at Randstad, said accountancy and finance professionals have been showing more interest in contracting since the start of the recession. They seem to be realising that the constant state of change can work in their favour.

The Navigator report from Randstad questioned 3,000 employees and organisations in the UK. 11% of employers said they found freelancers were useful to drive innovation and 13% admitted using interims to drive productivity and fill strategic gaps.

Mark Bull, the CEO of Randstad UK, said the continued weakness in our economy has caused people to think again about contracting. Many people have turned to temporary contracts because permanent ones aren’t available, but the lack of job security is also encouraging people to consider temping for the first time.

As more flexible working practices become the norm, accountants will have to adapt and those with experience in contracting might be well placed to reap benefits.

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