HMRC to hold tax evasion Q&A session on Twitter

Online accountants may be interested to learn that the Revenue is to hold a Q&A session on Twitter for Internet traders who owe outstanding taxes.

This will be HMRC’s first foray into the world of Twitter question and answer sessions and follows on from the recent announcement of an e-Markets Disclosure Facility for people who trade online.

The Q&A session will take place tomorrow the 28th March between 3 and 4pm and further details will be published on the Revenue’s Twitter account (@HMRCgovuk).

Marian Wilson, the head of campaigns at HMRC, said the department wants to help online traders understand their tax liabilities and how to pay them. The Q&A session will attempt to answer their queries and clarify any grey areas.

This is part of a wider initiative to give support and guidance on tax evasion and in this instance is targeted at those who trade through online marketplaces and do not pay the correct amount of tax. She went on to point out that people who only sell the occasional item online are unlikely to be a target of the campaign.

Anyone who is unsure whether their online activities constitute trading may want to watch the Revenue’s YouTube video entitled HMRC e-marketplaces Campaign – Trading or not Trading

So far, HMRC has raised in excess of £500 million from voluntary disclosure opportunities. Another £105 million has been raised from follow-up investigations.

Online traders have until the 14th of June to tell the Revenue if they want to participate in the Disclosure Facility. Full payment of the amount owed, plus any penalties and interest, must be made by the 14th of September.

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