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Archive | March, 2012

Chancellor closes VAT anomaly loopholes

Accountants will no doubt be aware that George Osborne acted to close the VAT anomaly surrounding hot food and sports drinks when he presented his Budget last week.

Are we going to see more accountants going freelance?

Recent research by Randstad suggests that the number of temporary contracts is on the increase as accountants look to take control of their careers in these turbulent economic times.

Workfriend now helps accountants worldwide

Chartered accountants who read this site will be aware that the CABA recently launched Workfriend to support accountants who have recently lost their job and wanted to brush up on their job search skills.

HMRC to hold tax evasion Q&A session on Twitter

Online accountants may be interested to learn that the Revenue is to hold a Q&A session on Twitter for Internet traders who owe outstanding taxes.

Channel Islands tax avoidance loophole will close on April 1st

Accountants may be interested to learn that HMRC has now closed the loophole that let CD and DVD suppliers send VAT exempt goods to the UK from Jersey and Guernsey.

CIOT calls for general disclosure facility for tax evaders

The Chartered Institute of Taxation is the latest body to call for the Government to launch a general disclosure facility for individuals who have been practicing tax evasion.

14 arrested as HMRC swoop on fraudsters

Accountants may be interested to read about a joint HMRC and police raid in which 14 people were arrested in London and Northern Ireland.

Cyber crime team to fight criminals who attack HMRC

Accountants may be interested to learn that HMRC has launched a new cyber crime team to deal with organised tax fraud.

Do accountants in London want a tax avoider as the next Mayor?

Accountants in London may be interested to learn that Ken Livingstone, the Labour guy who plans to stand against Boris Johnson in the forthcoming election for Mayor of London, is going to be investigated by HMRC.

Accountants have the Budget firmly on their minds

It’s Budget week and contractor accountants throughout the country will no doubt wonder if the Chancellor, George Osborne, has any unwelcome surprises up his sleeve.