Can PwC’s shadowing scheme attract more female accountants?

PwC has started a new scheme to help females who want to join the male-dominated accountancy profession.

Talented female undergraduates who want to become accountants will be offered the chance to spend a week shadowing a female director or partner at one of PwC’s UK locations. Those that make a good impression will then be able to take up a paid internship or join PwCs graduate trainee programme.

Rather than giving the young women menial tasks, the idea is to give them a genuine insight into life in a leadership role. PwC hopes this will encourage more females to enter the accounting profession.

Head of people at PwC, Gaenor Bagley, said the firm was really proud that it already had quite a few women in leadership roles and it believes its right for them to share their expertise with talented students. Females who take part in the shadowing scheme will get a great insight into what could become a very rewarding career.

More than 400 females have already applied to take part in the scheme but applications are still being accepted. Apart from the obvious biological requirement, applicants are expected to be on course to receive at least a 2:1 in their university degree.

Meanwhile, small and medium sized firms are struggling to find skilled audit candidates because they all want to work for one of the Big Four. Furthermore, the smaller firms are also on the lookout for talented graduates who can be preened for a future leadership role.

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