Spurs manager faces judge and jury in tax evasion case

Soccer mad accountants in London will no doubt be aware that the possible future England manager Harry Redknapp appeared in court last Monday on charges of tax evasion.

Now boss of Tottenham Hotspur, Redknapp is accused of evading tax when he was in charge at Portsmouth Football Club. Alongside him in the dock at Southwark crown court was Milan Mandaric, the former chairman of Portsmouth FC.

According to the charges against him, Redknapp received a total of £183,000 from Mandaric and did not declare the money to HMRC. The first charge claims that Redknapp opened an offshore bank account in Monaco and Mandaric paid £93,100 into the account between the first of April 2002 and the 28th November 2007. The Revenue believes the two men did this so that Redknapp would not need to pay National insurance and income tax on the money.

The second charge relates to a further sum of £96,300, which Mandaric allegedly paid into the same Monaco account between the first of May 2004 and the 28th November 2007.

On the opening day of the trial, the jury was told that the Monaco bank account was called “Rosie47”, after Redknapp’s dog and his own birth year. Prosecuting QC, John Black, said the two defendants must have known that they were taking part in tax evasion. The payments were said to be “bungs” relating to Peter Crouch’s transfer from Portsmouth to Aston Villa in March 2002.

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