HMRC offers help to those needing to file VAT returns online

Accountants will no doubt be aware that HMRC wants all businesses to submit their VAT returns online from April this year.

In order to help firms comply, HMRC has produced a factsheet that can be downloaded in pdf format.

The Revenue has also produced two guides that provide step-by-step instructions on registering to use VAT Online services and submitting returns online. There is also a demo video available at

Letters will be sent out to all customers who are currently submitting paper VAT returns explaining who must submit and pay electronically in the future. The letter will also contain an effective date of registration, which will be needed when firms sign up for online VAT submission.

HMRC has set up a VAT Online Services telephone Helpdesk that is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 and 18:00. Call 845 010 8500 if you need help filing your VAT returns online.

The Revenue also intends to run a series of events to allow firms to sign up for online filing and submit their first return online. HMRC intends to invite all businesses located reasonably close to an event to attend if they are still filing their VAT returns on paper.

Companies that want to submit their VAT returns online using an accounting software package will need to contact their supplier for help if they encounter any difficulties other than signing up on the HMRC website.

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