PwC flooded with applications from budding accountants

Budding accountants may be interested to learn that PwC is expecting a flood of applicants for its latest graduate scheme.

The chairman of PwC recently explained that 1,200 places would be up for grabs but the firm was expecting to receive more than 30,000 applications.

Ian Powell said he thought it was incredible that the company was currently receiving in excess of 200 applications every day. If that rate keeps up, PwC will end up with 50% more applications than it received last year.

He went on to say that around 7,000 applicants will be interviewed and although that sounds like a grand undertaking, it means that more than 75% will be eliminated early on in the process. But Powell is also concerned that with such a large number of applicants, some diversity may be lost.

PwC will continue with its policy of diversity of admission, looking to take on people from different backgrounds and experience, to make sure they do not end up with a stereotypical workforce. But with such a large number of applicants, some of the people PwC really wants to attract are bound to slip through the net.

Last year, Ernst & Young reported that applications for their graduate scheme had increased by 140% and applications for its undergraduate work experience scheme were up by 215%.

At the time, an Ernst & Young spokesperson advised would be applicants to consider working opportunities throughout the country rather than concentrating solely on becoming accountants in London.

Studying for a career in accounting seem to be back in favour these days; maybe because the latest Reed Job Index shows that demand for qualified accountants has increased by 44% over the last two years.

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