Hosted Accountants launches virtual hosted desktops

Accountants will probably know that an increasing number of small businesses have taken to the cloud. Now, a new company called Hosted Accountants has been launched to provide IT support and virtual hosted desktops to UK contractor accountants.

With Hosted Accountants, there is no longer the need to buy costly hardware and accounting software to run your accountancy practice. All data is stored on one secure server and the cloud programs will be accessible from computers, iPads and laptops.

Ian Cooper, one of the company’s directors, said virtual hosted desktops are the new buzz in the accountancy sector. Firms will be able to operate on Microsoft’s latest software, including Office 2010 and Windows 7, for a monthly fee. Many firms find it appealing to be able to pay for what they need, regardless of whether they are expanding or streamlining their business operations.

Hosted Accountants was launched after the directors received feedback from hundreds of accountants who said they spent too much of their time on maintaining IT. Furthermore, many felt that accountancy practices did not want to commit to the large capital expenditure necessary to upgrade servers and workstations in the current turbulent economic climate.

Mr Cooper went on to say that accountants are relying more and more on technology and this has led to increased expenditure on IT. Hosted Accountants will help reduce that expenditure.

The desktop-as-a-service industry has been expanding rapidly and Gartner predicts that more than 49 million hosted desktops will be in use by 2013, compared to the 500,000 that were in existence in March 2009.

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