A few interview tips for job hunting accountants

A large proportion of disgruntled employees, including accountants, could be looking for a new job in 2012.

Employers are likely to have a lot of high quality candidates to choose from so it’s vital to put in a first rate performance if you’re lucky enough to be selected for interview.

It goes without saying that you should never turn up late for this important meeting.

Make sure you know exactly what you’ve written on your CV. A prospective employer is going to ask about your past experience and if you can’t remember what you’ve written, you’ll look pretty stupid!

Revisit the job advert so you know exactly what skills the employer is looking for. If the organisation is looking for somebody with experience in filing annual accounts in iXBRL with Companies House and paying out dividends to shareholders, that’s what you should focus on.

A common question at interview is “tell us about your strengths and weaknesses”. This is not the time to tell a prospective employer that you like to go out partying and getting drunk every weekend! Nor is it a good idea to say your work is never finished on time, or you don’t like working with people.

After the interviewer has gleaned as much as he can from you, it’ll be your turn to ask questions. Spend a bit of pre-interview time researching the company so that you can ask intelligent questions about where the direction the firm is heading in. You won’t win any brownie points if you leap straight in and ask how much you’re going to be paid and what the holiday entitlement is.

Above all remember that your future is in the balance here. Do you really want the new job you’ve applied for or would you be content to remain where you are?

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