Accountants using MYOB software get temporary reprieve

Accountants who have continued to use MYOB accounting software will be pleased to learn that it is no longer going to be deactivated at the end of this year.

The Australian firm got out of the UK market three years ago and handed over its business interests to Mamut, a rival accounting software company. MYOB users were warned that the software would become useless at the end of the year when an anti-piracy system was turned off.

MYOB decided to keep the software active after a number of users requested an extension to the switch off date. Users had even formed a group, which included contractor accountants, to create the confirmation numbers necessary to activate the software in the event of the MYOB server closing down.

Mamut says it has no objection to MYOB’s actions as users will now have more time to transition to a different software package.

Julian Smith from MYOB in Australia reminded UK users that the company no longer supports the software in this country and they will need to find a different provider as the Activation server will eventually be switched off. MYOB has not indicated how long the reprieve will be.

MYOB User Group head, Mark Hill, said it was good news that the server would stay online for a bit longer but thought it strange that the decision was made so late. He went on to say that a lot of people have wasted time trying to come up with an alternative solution.

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