Are more chartered accountants opting for self-employment?

Could we be about to see more people opting to be contractor accountants after the news that an increasing number of unemployed accountants are turning the Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association for help?

The CABA reports an increase in help requests, especially from out-of-work accountants in their 50s and 60s.

The chief executive of CABA, Kath Haines, explained that there are simply not enough vacancies to satisfy the demand from unemployed accountants and that situation is unlikely to change soon. Although the immediate future might look bleak, Haines said there are ways that unemployed accountants can attract the attention of employers.

She suggests that the vast majority of vacancies are not advertised and accountants should be proficient at networking in order to hear about the latest opportunists through word-of-mouth.

Employers are now looking for more than just technical aptitude. People skills are very much in vogue these days and employers tend to look for team players rather than those who want to work alone.

Accountants should make sure they have an online presence. Recruiters tend to Google candidates so a strong profile on a social network such as LinkedIn is a must.

Unemployment in the UK now stands at 2.62 million and every profession has seen redundancies. However in August, the Robert Half recruitment consultancy said the financial sector still held plenty of opportunities and demand for top talent outweighs supply.

And chartered accountants who cannot find salaried employment could find that there is a demand for their services among the small business community if they go self-employed.

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