An accountant’s life appears to be increasingly stressful

The Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association says that an increasing number of accountants are suffering excessive stress and this is leading to a rise in mental health issues.

The Association says it is receiving more calls from professionals who are developing mental health problems, or feel they are at risk.

Helena Coxshall, the interim operations team manager, explained that the helpline is unable to offer medical diagnosis, but more chartered accountants have been asking for help in the second half of this year.

Some of the callers think they could be heading for a nervous breakdown, whilst others appear to be unaware that they are displaying symptoms of mental illness.

Financial worries and a lack of relaxation time due to long hours in the office could be contributing to the problem, she concluded.

It’s not only accountants in London who are having health problems. According to a recent study by the FSB, small businesses are losing an average £1,500 a year due to employee sickness.

The FSB would now like to see the government introduce a recovery of SSP relief for small employers. Although micro-businesses are not affected by long-term sickness on a regular basis, the impact can be significant if it does occur.

The Federation’s national chairman, John Walker, explained that the laws surrounding sickness absence are complex and the government should provide small businesses with a relief similar to that of statutory maternity pay. This would provide them with the support they need if a staff member is forced to take long-term sickness absence.

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