Male and female accountants view the economy differently

A new study has discovered gender differences in the way accountants view the state of the worldwide economy.

The ACCA conducted the research over a two-year period and found that female contractor accountants take a more pessimistic view of government policies to combat the financial crisis than their male counterparts.

Women also tend to be more critical of the way the government has handled the financial services industry, both in terms of bailouts and regulations and other support. However, females show more willingness to interact with initiatives to support business, including finance projects geared to stimulating the economic recovery.

Rosana Mirkovic, the ACCA senior policy adviser, said women demonstrated a lack of confidence in government policies during the recession and this may make them less trusting of new initiatives designed to stimulate the economy.

Furthermore, the survey’s findings suggest that female accountants believe government spending will be more wasteful than their male counterparts expect it to be.

She went on to explain that females are not as involved in accessing the finance their organisations need, or dealing with lenders directly, and this could have an impact on their perceptions. Women tend to be more involved in management accounting and therefore are attuned to increasing operational costs and tightened budgets.

Mirkovic also suggested that firms do not utilise the full potential of their female accountants and feels that is an area that requires further research. Although there are numerous initiatives to close the gender gap, they don’t necessarily seem to be having the desired effect in the accountancy profession.

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