Increasing number of graduates want to become accountants

It would appear that the number of graduates interested in training for a career in the accountancy profession is increasing rapidly.

Ernst & Young recently reported a 140% increase in applications from graduates wanting to join its trainee scheme, compared to the same time last year. The firm has 800 available places and so far 3,200 people have applied.

The company also said that university campus events have attracted an additional 25% of students compared to last year, whilst 1,700 students have so far applied for one of the 750 undergraduate work experience placements. That’s an increase of more than 100%.

Stephen Isherwood, Ernst & Young’s head of graduate recruitment, said that interested candidates must apply early. So far the firm has received four applications for every one place available on the graduate trainee scheme and students must get organised if they hope to land their dream position once leaving university.

He also advised candidates to consider other options besides being an accountant in London. Ernst & Young has regional offices throughout the UK, which offer trainee accountants the same career development opportunities as those available in the Capital. Furthermore, a placement in a regional office provides applicants with the chance to work with a more diverse range of clients.

Ernst & Young isn’t the only company to be swamped with applications from budding chartered accountants. In September, PwC said it had received 22,000 applications for this year’s graduate intake of 1,200.

Whilst some sectors are complaining about a skills shortage, it looks as if we will continue to have a steady supply of accountants for some years to come.

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