SME owners don’t have time to meet their accountant

E-conomic, the online accounting software provider, recently surveyed SMEs on what they would like their accountants to do better.

38% of respondents said their biggest issue was accessibility. Small business owners who are constantly on the move, and relying on smart phones and netbooks, say they do not have the time to spend on face to face meetings.

Chartered accountant, Richard Messik, agrees totally with that sentiment. He explained that we live in a mobile world and there is no longer a need to work at a fixed place at a fixed time. Business owners expect to be able to access their data 24/7 and accountants who don’t accept that will get left behind.

Another gripe was the lack of general business advice, cited by 27% of the survey’s respondents. One SME owner said he would find it useful to discuss options with his accountant when he’s considering ways of growing and improving his business.

16% of respondents complained the way accountants billed their fees, whilst some took exception to receiving a cheap bottle of plonk at Christmas and the fact that their accountant couldn’t even spell their name correctly!

Anders Bjornsbo, E-conomic’s UK MD, said his company has been extolling the virtues of cloud accounting for a long time. The ability for both accountant and client to look at the same screen whilst in different locations has to be the way forward.

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