Will accountants contribute to the latest red tape challenge?

Accountants might want to contribute their thoughts in the latest round of the government’s Red Tape Challenge.

Launched on Monday, and lasting for three weeks, this latest campaign is focusing on employment related regulations and the government has invited interested parties to submit their ideas on which regulations should be simplified, improved or abolished.

This latest spotlight splits employment related law into four sub-categories; compliance and enforcement, taking people on, managing staff and letting people go. Before the first day was over, 65 people had posted responses to the question of managing staff – a large proportion of those concerned maternity/paternity leave.

Edward Davey, the employment relations minister, said small businesses are continually complaining that employment regulations as they are at present are holding them back from hiring more staff. The government wants to reduce bureaucracy so that employers can get on with running their business. He went on to stress that the coalition has no intention of watering down the rights of employees, rather this was an opportunity to find out how the government can help businesses grow and demonstrate to the world that UK Plc is truly open for business.

The Red Tape Challenge website does bring forth some interesting ideas. One contributor earlier this year suggested that companies employing fewer than 5 staff should be exempt from National Insurance and allowed to pay reduced PAYE contributions.

The results of this latest challenge will be published later on this year.

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