New iPhone app launched to help contractors record expenses

Contractor accountants may be interested to learn that a new iPhone app has been released to help the self-employed keep track of their expenses.

Aptly named Contractor Expenses, this new application from West Midlands based Eclipse Computing Solutions UK has an intelligent design and advanced features that reduce data entry and make it easier to track and submit expense and mileage claims.

As well as recording VAT, the accounting software application allows you to attach photos of invoices and receipts and set up repeat expenditure, such as mobile phone bills.

There is a multi date selection feature to help contractors who travel regularly to clients’ premises reduce data entry and the app will automatically calculate mileage expenses.

Freelancers who use the application will be able to export their expenses and mileage log in CSV or XML format, along with the photographed invoices and receipts, and export them directly to their accountant. Furthermore, the app lets you keep up to date with all the latest happening in the contractor world.

Steve Rennocks, the director of Eclipse, said that in his days as an I.T. Contractor, he found recording expenses and mileage frustrating. Since the advent of iPhone, various apps have come on the market, but they still require too much data entry and do not focus on the working practices or specifics of an individual sector. Contractor Expenses has been launched to tackle exactly those issues.

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