Cloud computing proves beneficial to accountants in London

The advent of cloud computing has had the most profound impact on finance professionals, such as accountants in London, according to the CEO of Netsuite, Zach Nelson.

Nelson noted that there has been an acceleration in the number of businesses taking to the cloud this year and it’s interesting to see how finance departments have been transformed by cloud accounting software.

He went on to explain that as well as streamlining accounting processes, the cloud democratises data enabling the entire business to access it.

Traditionally, finance software made information available just to members of the finance team who would then prepare reports for CEOs and senior managers. Now that we have the cloud, end users from multi-national organisations can gain access to that information as well.

Nelson went on to say that the recent surge in the popularity of the cloud has given a perception that it’s the latest big trend in technology. Over the last fifty years we’ve had revolutions in computing and telephony. When these two come together, we’ll see a massive change in the way we conduct our lives and operate our companies.

We’re witnessing the start of a new phase in cloud computing with more mobility and business applications featuring more social activity. There’s still a lot to discuss when it comes to the cloud and December’s Cloud Summit in London should prove extremely interesting, he concluded.

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