Why are accountants reluctant to use outsourcers?

Why do accountants appear to be reluctant to outsource work? After all, there are some great contractor accountants out there who would no doubt be happy to get some extra work.

Accountants may want to consider concentrating on the things they’re good at and enjoy doing, and outsource the rest. This advice could prove especially beneficial to qualified accountants who are trying to build up their practice.

The majority of owners and partners with accountancy practices want to keep down employment costs and end up doing some of the more menial tasks themselves. But is this really a cost-effective option? Should owners and partners be doing work that they are over-qualified to do?

A lot of tasks could be performed equally well by a contractor accountant or even an outsourcing company. For example, bookkeeping, payroll and tax planning could all be done offsite. Engaging the services of a contractor can also be the perfect solution to filling the gap at busy times of the year.

Some accountancy practices do already outsource tasks such as telephone answering, transcription and typing but extending that to cover some of the accounting duties could free up the partners to look for new business.

However, accountants should be careful when it comes to awarding contracts. If somebody says they can do the work accurately, cheaply and on time, the chances you’ll get two out of three.

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